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Wedding videography can be one of the most overlooked yet powerful and enduring ways to preserve memories from your special day, and a digital video on Blu-ray or DVD produced by a Phoenix AZ Wedding Videographer such as 3 Oceans Entertainment carries with it the potential to become a precious family keepsake. Of course photographs are important, but imagine the excitement hundreds of years from now when your offspring have the opportunity to see their ancestors in action on one of the most important days in their lives! Photos are great, but they alone cannot convey the strong emotions of motion, words, and sounds.

It is also a wonderful way to share memories with out of town relatives who could not attend your wedding, and you may be surprised at how much of your day you missed yourself, either because everything was a blur or you simply can’t be everywhere at once on your big day. Ask a friend who was recently married about the reality of this.

If you are considering a friend or relative to shoot your AZ wedding video, please realize that by working for you they will miss out on socializing, enjoying themselves, and the action and excitement of your big day. If your event is important enough to hire a professional to take pictures even though almost everyone owns a camera, then the same holds true for video. We also have the advantage of using professional grade equipment which has much better sound and picture quality, even in low light and high background noise conditions, neither of which are available on consumer grade camcorders.

We also have extensive experience with many Phoenix wedding sites and area venues, know where to set up and how to approach shooting an event which cannot be recreated, and can offer you assistance with other vital functions such as event coordination and DJ services.

Wedding videography is quite often last in the list before your big day comes and first on the wish list afterwards, when it's too late to go back and capture those special memories. Your Arizona wedding video will show you many things you may have missed in your busy day. A two camera video production or video shoot with DJ service from 3 Oceans Entertainment will give you a husband and wife team who appreciate the enduring strength of marriage and are thrilled to participate in the first day of yours.  Please consider allowing us to help you with one of the most important days in your life, and provide you the ability to preserve the memories forever in a special way.

Wedding Videography in Phoenix Arizona

What we ARE - Experienced, Affordable and Attentive

What we are NOT - Intrusive and Indiscreet

WINNER of "Best Wedding Videographers in Arizona" by the AZ Bride Magazine Second Annual Reader's Choice Awards, and 9 time recipient of a WeddingWire Bride's Choice Award (now know as Couples' Choice Awards) for Phoenix AZ Wedding Videography. Recognized by Expertise as 1 of 20 Best Wedding Videographers in Phoenix

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We’re a bit different than most wedding videographers in Phoenix. It seems that most are one extreme or the other; very expensive, using over-the-top and intrusive production techniques that interfere with the natural enjoyment of the event, or  what basically amounts to point and shoot. Interestingly, most wedding videographers in Arizona that we’ve noticed will reduce vast amounts of raw footage to a fast paced and short “highlight” presentation, with action packed smash cuts, and so very much missing.  No wonder folks end up paying extra just to get the raw footage they hope to watch someday! At the other end, unedited video basically involves letting the camera run on a fixed shot (think tripod or person holding iPad), and capturing hours of endless video with nothing happening.

Our Arizona Wedding Videography style is more “best of both worlds”, meaning that you may expect to receive a video that plays like a movie, with a typical run time around an hour and a half, complete with chapter points to find the scenes. You can then choose to show your friends a 5 minute highlight, or have movie night with your wedding video.

Regardless of the package selected, video production involves collection of the footage on the day of the event. Most of the style if defined in the editing choices from there, so please imagine:  

Starting with an opening montage of the establishing shots, getting ready scenes, and some special moments set to a song or two in the background (often your first dance or an alternate special song you like).  Then the ceremony and all of the major events are filmed in their entirety and presented as a whole in their respective sections, including the “natural sound”, which is the real audio as it occurred.  Then, the post-ceremony photo session often produces great footage to create another montage here.  Possible best wishes from your guest may be included if desired.  Then the other events as they unfold, with the repetitive things that happen during open dancing and other areas being reduced, so everything is more interesting and watchable.  The completed video is often around 1 and 1/2 to no more than 2 hours with probably 85 % natural sound and the other montage sections I mentioned with music edited in.  Then I put chapter points on the main items so you can use your remote to navigate quickly around your wedding video.  It takes me about 6 weeks after the date of your event to put it all together, and I give you 3 copies on Hi-definition Blu-ray, or compressed to DVD if you prefer.

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