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We've seen a need for quality affordable wedding photography in Phoenix AZ.  It's nice to have a budget alternative to expensive high end, fine art photography when you're thinking about wedding photographers in Arizona, and hoping to find a friendly professional who will work with you to achieve your vision but finding an endless sea of Arizona wedding photographers who believe it's all about them. A creative photographer should take the photos that you'd like of your event and give you great looking edited digital images without copy protection, so you can use your digital images to copy, print, transfer, etc. as you would like. Most modern Brides have a vision of what their wedding should be, and we're the type of wedding and event photographers who adapt to that. As with our other Phoenix AZ wedding services, our rates are less because we don't charge extra for attitude and ego!

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Robbie definitely has her own preferred photographic and photo editing style that we believe shows in her AZ Wedding Photography Portfolio, which you can view below. She also adapts to a desired style as needed. Please touch, click and swipe to view her artistic approach. Please consider us for Event and Wedding Photography services in Arizona, and take a look at our Phoenix AZ Wedding and Event DJ and Videography services also.

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Robbie really enjoys "painting with light". She likes to use a style of light writing photography that allows custom names, titles, decorations, etc. If you've got an idea you'd like to see in light writing, please contact us to discuss wedding photography in Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe or anywhere in AZ, with Robbie Carpenter and 3 Oceans Photography.

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That's what we're all about.  Robbie Carpenter is a professional with a great eye and a comfortable demeanor.  Adding to the experience of her husband Cameron, she has been involved in well over over a thousand weddings in Arizona during the course of the past 12 years.

Robbie loves to adapt to your vision, because she's comfortable working with different photographic styles. If you've got a certain look in mind, that's great! If not, that's ok too, because she will definitely apply her creative eye and give you what she sees also. With Robbie being her own photo editor, she's got a great grasp on how the whole image will come together. Expect to see crisp, clean colors and a refreshing and comfortable experience for you during your time together. We'll offer traditional poses and candids, listen to your ideas and follow your "shot list" if you've got one. She loves to do fun, creative and thoughtful photo sessions with you! Robbie is a creative professional with good work, fair prices, prompt and attentive service, and follow through. 

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- more than marketing themselves at your event

by Cameron Carpenter

Last night’s wedding was something else (Warning: possible self-righteous rant to follow) when I was hired to perform as
DJ for a wonderful couple and had a grand time with them. They decided to hire a wedding photographer who was not us for photography service, and that’s ok; our services are available independently and without obligation for others.

However, I believe that when the sales process is concluded, and all of the accounting and office paperwork is finished, and it’s time to provide actual performance (also known as “execution”) that it’s time to set the marketing aside.

That’s where this particular photographer clearly had a much different philosophy than us. Having worked another event in another capacity with them previously and recently, I immediately noticed a trend similar to before. From the moment they arrived at the event venue, she and her assistant (for ranting purposes and not naming names, I’ll just write “she” and “he” and so forth) began methodically selling themselves to any and everyone they could, looking to get paid for their next event. Wow.

Seriously, at one point I saw her huddle down and compose a Gmail message response  - kind of hard to miss - while her back was turned on the action that unfolded and concluded without her involvement.

At another point, I let her know, as event DJs are known to do, that something special was about to happen. I was absolutely shocked when she told me to hold on because she had something else more important do do right now at this very moment. As it turns out, she wanted to run out to her car and get some marketing materials to leave with the Director of Catering so she could work on her to become a preferred vendor at the facility. She had sensed an opening and was like a shark with blood.

Then there was her associate. This guy…

Just as before, he loudly announced himself upon his entrance and proclaimed his glory to all in the land. He made sure that everyone knew his name and the fact that, although he was “just the second shooter” he had his own photography company and would be happy to let you know about it. He spent a lot time standing around loudly talking (at highly inappropriate times, such as, oh say, the Wedding Ceremony!) and “schmoozing”, meaning basically extolling his virtues. During set-up, I was confronted with a particularly difficult technical situation involving poor Wi-Fi access at the venue, and was feverishly working to fix it. He felt this was the appropriate time to grill me about my business practices, starting with “how did I get hired for this job” and so forth. Both of them had previously interrogated me about my rates, marketing strategies, bookings, and more. I was wondering if they were going to ask me my social security number and Mother’s maiden name!

Things really changed this time though, when I had the audacity to request that the associate quit “talking shop” and focus on the task at hand. You know, the Bride and Groom?

For the remainder of the evening, he pouted around me, which was fine because I certainly didn’t need his frivolous distraction. Unfortunately, he could not quite hold back and wait until the guests had all left when he exploded with “I didn’t like what you said to me!” and wouldn’t stop until he’d worked his way through the script of the old Jerry Springer show in front of everyone. Fun for TV, but unbelievably inappropriate at someone’s wedding.

Sales and marketing is essential to the success of any business. But there is a line that must not be crossed, when it becomes shameless and relentless self-promotion at the expense of the client. A wedding photographer owes a particular obligation to their client, often by now their friend, to give them their complete and undivided attention during this most important time in their lives. Please choose one who will pour their heart and soul into yours.